In House Specialties

We have invested in rubs and spices making some of our own genuine products such as:

All Beef Chorizo

This is one of the most popular products we have had for decades. The beef is hand crafted with spices to use mainly on eggs for breakfast or on melted mozzarella cheese.

Ground or Whole Muscle Jerky

We make the Jerky from extra lean leg meat and sprinkle some cure and special seasonings (hot or original) on it. A cold beer is recommended as a sidekick. If you take some for the kids, make sure you take an extra pack. Each pack has a 1/3 pound ratio.

Polish Sausage

75% pork and 25% beef with a blend of seasoning stuffed on a beef casing.  Each sausage link is cut in 12-13-oz packs. We have not yet started to smoke it but have had great feedback from customers as is. This product is designed for the grill.

Pico de Gallo

We make the Pico De Gallo fresh every other day. It is made up with fresh diced tomato, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and sprinkled with some seasoning. We also add a special juice to authenticate the flavor. This item is great as a dip or as a side dish on a BBQ plate. Some customers even use it to cook, as to avoid all the hassle in chopping everything. Served in 16-oz containers.

Custom Cuts

Let’s not forget to mention that we custom cut any steak to your satisfaction. Whether thin 1/4″ inches to something thicker 3″ inches, you name it we cut it.